Adonai Television Interview with Pastor Alexander Pagani and Myles Munroe Jr.

On Father’s Day, Myles Munroe Jr. appeared on Adonai Television hosted by Pastor Alexander Pagani where he spoke about lessons his father taught him.

Pastor Alexander Pagani asked Myles Jr. how has it been his first fathers day and his dad, Dr. Myles Munroe is not here? Myles Jr. responded by saying that it surprise him that he was not as emotional as on mother’s. He went on explaining that mother’s day was extremely hard for him because ….

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Mr. Myles Munroe, Jr. and Mrs. Charisa Munroe on Daystar with Marcus and Joni Lamb

Myles Munroe Jr. and Charisa Munroe visited the Marcus and Joni Lamb Show on Daystar Television on April 30th, 2015. On the show Joni asked Myles Jr. and Charisa how they were doing and how everyone was. Myles Jr. said that everyone is good and how they are coming up on 6 month since the incident, but God is good and the family is strong.

Marcus Lamb then introduced a video of Dr. Myles Munroe for persons who didn’t know who he was. When the video was finished Marcus Lamb spoke of how the legacy of Dr. Munroe…

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Myles Munroe Jr. on South Africa’s Morning Live

Myles Munroe Jr. appeared on South Africa’s morning news “Morning Live”.

South Africa’s Morning Live on SABC 2 has served over 50 million viewers throughout the continent of Africa and is the most watched national station in South Africa. They have interviewed many influential leaders like the late great Nelson Mandela, Civil Rights Activist, Reverend Jesse Jackson and the late Nkosi Johnson to name a few.

Host Leane Manas conducted an interview with Mr. Myles Munroe Jr., the son of…

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Myles Munroe Jr. Characteristics Of A Great Leader

Myles Munroe Jr. was the guest speaker at Champion Kingdom Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, hosted by Pastors Stacy and DeNae Lemay. He was joined by sister Ms. Charisa Munroe who is a pillar of strength to him. At Champion Kingdom Center Pastor Stacey Lemay presented different awards to people from all around the world and surprised Mr. Astell Collins with the first “Champion of his community International Award”. Mr. Collins came to the event all the way from Guyana to present Myles Jr. with a scepter made from a wood only found in Guyana called Crab Wood.

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