The Hidden Leader in You

An army of sheep led by a lion will always defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. This concept became real to me during one of my trips to the continent of the cradle of humanity, Africa. It was there, deep in the village lands of the African bush, that I heard a story that encapsulated what I have come to understand as the missing link in the leadership development process.

It was a sunny but cool day in the bustling, modern city of Harare, the capital of the southern African nation of Zimbabwe. I had just finished speaking in the conference center of the Harare Hilton to over 5,000 leaders. As the guest of one of the largest community organizations in the nation, I had been invited to provide #leadership training and motivational sessions for aspiring and seasonal leaders. This was our last session after over seven days of presentations. At the end of the session, my host asked if I would consider going to another town to speak to an additional group of leaders who had asked if I would come to them. I gladly consented, and arrangements were made for my driver who also served as my interpreter and me to leave at first light the next morning.

Excerpt from The Spirit of Leadership




The leadership function inspires people to maximize their own potential and that of the resources they administer
-Dr. Myles Munroe
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